Friday, 30 January 2009


Yet again I should be doing something and I'm not. What is wrong with me????
I really want to do it. It's important.
It's open on my desktop vertually and is in physical form next to me, yet I'm still nosing at facebook and blogger!?!

Right, I'm disconnecting the internet until it's done! So there.



  1. My laptop isn't connected to the internet, otherwise I'd never get anything done at all (no discipline).

    Mind you, when I take a break to check emails, etc, I tend to spend hours doing so, which probably defeats the object of not being connected on the laptop?!?

  2. he he. Everything is connected in my house - even the phone. You can't get away form it.

    I got it done in the end btw. 2999 words. the limit was 3000. oooooops. nearly went over.

  3. Oh the joy of the word limit! Guarenteed to make you go over!
    Well done for finishing :0)