Sunday, 28 June 2009

Degree Results!!!!!

2:1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super happy!

Got rather drunk at a wonderful BBQ last night to celebrate.
Feeling kinda good it's all over and I don't have the stress but sad at the same time because it has been such a big part of my life for the last 3 years. Can't wait to make a tit of myself in a Harry Potter costume in one months time. Must go and order it.... silly hat and all....

Love to all

Leah Ebdon Ba Hons. :)

Friday, 26 June 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho....

...It's off to work I go.
First week of my new job over with. I am a Merchandising Controller :) Head shelf-stacker basicly. I organise where the wonderful high quality and resonably priced products go on the shelf according to a plan sent down by the mystical on-high 'head-office'.
It is really good actually. It's only part time but it pays well and has a certain amount of responsibility which on one hand may put undue pressure on me - but on the other hand makes it far more interesting, challenging and bareable than sitting on a till for 8 hours a day bleeping my life away.

Anyway. So, now thats sorted I can stop worrying about money in the long term and get on with organising my up-coming education in the world of teaching. Spiffing.

Busy day tommorow...... I have to go to Uni to collect my results. :s
I'm not worried about passing.... I'm reasonably confident I have at least a 2:1. I'm just quietly dying for a first. We shall see. All fingers crossed, and toes and arms and legs and any other extremities you care to cross.

Night all. Lx

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Hello Sunday!

Feeling rather more possitive about... well, everything really.
Father's Day present went down well.

Start new job properly tomorrow..... 7am! AM! Has to be done though.
*Poor student rant* bla bla bla.

Had a lovely weekend with the other half before I'm in work all week. Watched loads of Babylon 5. :) Played a great deal of World of Warcraft. :) Very distracting.

Have started writing again. Nothing spectatular. But at least it's on the agenda again. :)
I'll Blog when I have something worth blogging about. Lx

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


You know when you feel the world is passing you by - whissing on about you and all the people in your life are moving on and your not. Even though I have a new job and it does seem to be something I could hang onto for a while, even though I have a degree behind me and possibly a PGCE infront --- I still feel like I'm going nowhere. Definately not in a writing way.

Did I just waste 3 years of my life doing something that I'm actually not that good at? Not good enough to make anything of myself anyway. I think it's because in getting to know the other people on my course I've got to know my potencial competitors. Comparing yourself to others never has a good outcome does it? I dunno. I'm just feeling a bit stagnant. Uninspired. Board. Crap with a capital.

Ok - Quagmire busting suggestions please. Writing related. Lets get this show on the road.

I think I'll start with flash fiction and poetry. Get some sort of juices going - even if they are naff, out of practice juices. Or I may just go for it and start a novel. What have I got to loose? Apart from time? and effort? Shush Leah!


Gosh this is a good form of therapy.

I'm going to write something tonight people. yes. I am. I'll let you know what happens. lol

Love to all.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

So much...

Has happened in the last few weeks.
I have finnished Uni and await my results. eeeeek.
I have aquired employment in the form of Sainsbury's (I start tomorrow)
And Dilly the beautiful Red-Eyed Crocodile skink laid an egg! (no baby inside but it shows she is of age, which is great!)

My better half had an accident on his motorbike about 8 weeks ago and broke his arm (2 4x4's pulled out on him then drove off.... *shakes fist*) and he is very happy to have had his cast off finally. :)

While all this has been going on I have realised something which is blindingly obvious but passed my attention for too long. I haven't made time to write. *slaps wrist* I haven't written a thing since finishing my Dissertation which was over 6 weeks ago. FAIL.

So, as it seems to be the month of possitive thinking, new beginnings and such, I hearby promise to make time to write. With no agenda - I'm not going to put pressure on myself by writing for a purpose just yet, but I've been set free into the world. I can write anyting- about anything. I just want to sit back and see what happens first.

I am dissapointed the BNP got into the European Parliament. After having an unofficial tour there last year, I got to see what most visitors don't and I came to understand the importance of our representatives in Brussels. Seems the expenses shambles hit Labour harder than they expected. Feels like this country is falling apart at the seams.

Anyway, to end on a high note, I was inspired by my good friend Zaraface to join Weightwatchers. I'm half a stone lighter and feeling great for it! :)

Love to the world and all who sail in her!