Sunday, 21 June 2009

Hello Sunday!

Feeling rather more possitive about... well, everything really.
Father's Day present went down well.

Start new job properly tomorrow..... 7am! AM! Has to be done though.
*Poor student rant* bla bla bla.

Had a lovely weekend with the other half before I'm in work all week. Watched loads of Babylon 5. :) Played a great deal of World of Warcraft. :) Very distracting.

Have started writing again. Nothing spectatular. But at least it's on the agenda again. :)
I'll Blog when I have something worth blogging about. Lx


  1. 7AM there must be a law against starting working that early. I have just started writing again aswell. just hoping it sticks this time.

  2. And I do. I seem to have bursts of energy and then very dry patches. Don't know how I manage to finish anything!