Saturday, 23 January 2010


This is my mams sheep collection along with the sheep dog who looks after them.
The reason i'm putting this up is because my auntie-in-law-to-be made the sheep on the bottom left in her pottery class. he is fab and we are very grateful for the new addition. :)


This is Mo (Molasses) . The wonder Guinea pig. In a monster slipper..... don't ask


Ok, this picture a day idea isn't going so well, but i'm going to play catch-up. I lot of them are on my camera and they are stuck there for the time being so you will have to wait until tomorrow.
nevermind - here is 8/365.....

This is what greeted me outside my gates as I came home from work in SAINSBURYS. he he

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Saturday, 9 January 2010


I'm joining my friend Judith on her quest to post a picture for everyday of 2010.
Judith blogs here
and her 365/2010 is here.
I'm very pleased to have found my blogging friend again after I left the blogsphere for a while and I'm hoping this challenge will produce some interesting pictures.

So as I'm playing catch up here are a few from the first week of 2010:

My home made strawberry yogurt made with my nice shiny new yogurt maker!

This is razor saying hello. We got them a Fogger for Christmas which has increased the humidity and they are loving it. :)

I had to put some snow pics in there. had to. This is the view from my window.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures for between those days. :(
I'll make up for it though.

Friday, 8 January 2010


I knew making my own website would be hard. I knew it would require me to learn fast and be super creative but I never thought it would consume me like this.
I only wanted something little. Something to stick on the end of a bio in a mag. Something that laid the foundations for my future self promotion (not really needed yet as I'm doing sod all writing)
But I'm obsessed. The administrator thingy is open on my computer practically all day. I'm stirring my wok full of lemon chicken and I'm dashing off upstairs because I've thought of something I want to add.
I'ts naff at the moment. Very basic and to be honest I'm not doing enough in the writing world to make a decent website about it.
but hay.... I own how cool is that?

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Happy New Year!

New year always makes me think of the things I never got around to doing in the last 12 months. This year is no different.
I'm back to making lists..... all the things I'm GOING to finish this year.

I hope 2010 is a successful, happy and life changing year for all. :)