Friday, 8 January 2010


I knew making my own website would be hard. I knew it would require me to learn fast and be super creative but I never thought it would consume me like this.
I only wanted something little. Something to stick on the end of a bio in a mag. Something that laid the foundations for my future self promotion (not really needed yet as I'm doing sod all writing)
But I'm obsessed. The administrator thingy is open on my computer practically all day. I'm stirring my wok full of lemon chicken and I'm dashing off upstairs because I've thought of something I want to add.
I'ts naff at the moment. Very basic and to be honest I'm not doing enough in the writing world to make a decent website about it.
but hay.... I own how cool is that?


  1. It's looking fantastic Leah - well done.


  2. Thanks!
    it definitely needs work, but it will do for now. lol.
    To be honest it's kept me sane while i've been stuck at home with a chest infection.

  3. Well hello :) thanks for finding me - I had a clear out of email addresses deleted one and forgetting that my old blogger was attached to it!! hense couldn't get back on!! what a silly-billy

    How are you?

    I'm, if you care to join, with some friends taking a photo aday for 2010 (like a diary) and my site is


  4. Hiya!
    Very nice to find you.
    it was like following a trail of breadcrumbs!
    I'm good. bit ill at the moment but it will soon go away.

    I'd love to join in with 365/2010. i'll have to play catch up tho. lol I haven't taken many photos of 2010 yet. it may end up being mostly my cat. he he.

    hope all is well.