Tuesday, 16 June 2009


You know when you feel the world is passing you by - whissing on about you and all the people in your life are moving on and your not. Even though I have a new job and it does seem to be something I could hang onto for a while, even though I have a degree behind me and possibly a PGCE infront --- I still feel like I'm going nowhere. Definately not in a writing way.

Did I just waste 3 years of my life doing something that I'm actually not that good at? Not good enough to make anything of myself anyway. I think it's because in getting to know the other people on my course I've got to know my potencial competitors. Comparing yourself to others never has a good outcome does it? I dunno. I'm just feeling a bit stagnant. Uninspired. Board. Crap with a capital.

Ok - Quagmire busting suggestions please. Writing related. Lets get this show on the road.

I think I'll start with flash fiction and poetry. Get some sort of juices going - even if they are naff, out of practice juices. Or I may just go for it and start a novel. What have I got to loose? Apart from time? and effort? Shush Leah!


Gosh this is a good form of therapy.

I'm going to write something tonight people. yes. I am. I'll let you know what happens. lol

Love to all.


  1. They say the best thing is to just do it. After all as long as it gives you pleasure or satisfaction, then that's the main thing. I'll probably never get published, but I still love writing.

  2. Your right. :) I do love it. When i find time. lol