Friday, 26 June 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho....

...It's off to work I go.
First week of my new job over with. I am a Merchandising Controller :) Head shelf-stacker basicly. I organise where the wonderful high quality and resonably priced products go on the shelf according to a plan sent down by the mystical on-high 'head-office'.
It is really good actually. It's only part time but it pays well and has a certain amount of responsibility which on one hand may put undue pressure on me - but on the other hand makes it far more interesting, challenging and bareable than sitting on a till for 8 hours a day bleeping my life away.

Anyway. So, now thats sorted I can stop worrying about money in the long term and get on with organising my up-coming education in the world of teaching. Spiffing.

Busy day tommorow...... I have to go to Uni to collect my results. :s
I'm not worried about passing.... I'm reasonably confident I have at least a 2:1. I'm just quietly dying for a first. We shall see. All fingers crossed, and toes and arms and legs and any other extremities you care to cross.

Night all. Lx

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