Tuesday, 9 June 2009

So much...

Has happened in the last few weeks.
I have finnished Uni and await my results. eeeeek.
I have aquired employment in the form of Sainsbury's (I start tomorrow)
And Dilly the beautiful Red-Eyed Crocodile skink laid an egg! (no baby inside but it shows she is of age, which is great!)

My better half had an accident on his motorbike about 8 weeks ago and broke his arm (2 4x4's pulled out on him then drove off.... *shakes fist*) and he is very happy to have had his cast off finally. :)

While all this has been going on I have realised something which is blindingly obvious but passed my attention for too long. I haven't made time to write. *slaps wrist* I haven't written a thing since finishing my Dissertation which was over 6 weeks ago. FAIL.

So, as it seems to be the month of possitive thinking, new beginnings and such, I hearby promise to make time to write. With no agenda - I'm not going to put pressure on myself by writing for a purpose just yet, but I've been set free into the world. I can write anyting- about anything. I just want to sit back and see what happens first.

I am dissapointed the BNP got into the European Parliament. After having an unofficial tour there last year, I got to see what most visitors don't and I came to understand the importance of our representatives in Brussels. Seems the expenses shambles hit Labour harder than they expected. Feels like this country is falling apart at the seams.

Anyway, to end on a high note, I was inspired by my good friend Zaraface to join Weightwatchers. I'm half a stone lighter and feeling great for it! :)

Love to the world and all who sail in her!


  1. Wow we're all on diets! Well done for the half stone, and for finishing everything.

    I agree about the BNP a slippery slope there. Let's hope it was a one off.

  2. Good luck with your results. I'm with you on the no writing front. I have recently moved house and let the move get the better of me.
    I am using My health coach on the Nintedo DS which helps you balance food consumption with exercise. I'm sticking to it as well which is a first. I lost 2lb this week!

  3. ooooo, well done on the loss! i'm going good. just hope it keeps going good. lol. i didn't realise there was something like that for the DS. V cool.
    still havn't written anything but it's a stressful week so i'm giving myself that excuse. i'll write about the experience next week. lol.