Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Sympathy please.

I have had an awful couple of days.
I have Flu and in an effort to stay away from my dad (beacuse he is on oxygen 12 hours a day and if got it i don't know how he would cope) I went to stay over James' house. but that all went wrong and I couldn't relax and I got worse so I'm home today confined to my bedroom.

Now that the moaning is over: I just watched the first episode of 'The Diary of Anne Frank' on iplayer today and the first thing that struck me was 'OMG the set is exacly as it should be.' I went to Anne Frank's house when I went to University in Holland at easter. The moment when you round the corner and see a bookcase proped open made me catch my breath. You have to squeeze through the gap. Funny thing is it's almost as I imagined when reading her diary. In the living room I ran my fingers down the knife marks on the sideboard next to the sink. Edith chopped veg here.
They have done an awsome job with the set and the street scenes. The way it is acted is very interesting and from what I remember from the old dramatisation - this version seems to be more, I don't know, real? The way Mr and Mrs Van Daan are screaming at each other one day and pinching bottoms the next.

Hope it will be a good series.

P.s I've written nothing - my brain is being invaded by little flu minions - head gits with little pick axes.


  1. much symptathy flowing (from a safe distance) through the webosphere. Genuine sympathy because if its the virus i had at Xmas it will feel like your head was replaced in the night.

    thank you for becoming a follower. i shall do the same now as im desperately jealous of your studies and the confidence and talent it must take to complete them so i know ill find your blog both entertaining and motivating.

    sorry to hear of your parents health last year. best wishes for all in '09

    (do they teach you how to edit)

  2. Aw thankyou. Mam and Dad are laughing through it as always. And yes my head really doesn't feel like it belongs to me.

    I'll say this now though - don't get your hopes up, pml. I'm new to blogging and I tend to moan quite a bit. lol

    I like your post-it-note idea. I've never done new years resolutions because they just seemed pointless. Nobody ever seems to keep them and I wonder why new year is the only time people think to better their lives?

    I wonder what my unlived life could be? I'll have to have a go.

    As for Uni - They havn't had a specific section entitled 'editing'. To be honest the emphasis has been on getting the basic grounding of consructing stories (fiction and non-fiction)lectures on narrative structures and looking at the work of others. But i suspect the skill has been seeped in over the course without us knowing - through drafting and redrafting again and again. And through workshopping and chopping up classmates work and giving feedback.
    Its a very all round course - Caters for all tastes and styles. One guy writes only in Glaswegian dialect. one class is specificly 'writing for children'.

    ok that was longer than I imagined.

    thanks again. And all the best for 2009 also!

  3. Hey, fellow writer! How are you doing?

  4. Hiya Leon! I'm drugged up to the eyeballs trying to get rid of my flu - so I'm Great! he he.
    Thanks for the follow.
    Love the pic on your blog - the head banner, you can't see where the path leads - very thought provoking.

  5. Sorry to hear you're feeling so ghastly. I do hope the little pickaxes bugger off soon and leave your poor head alone.

  6. Aw thankyou. It is going away slowly. I actually slept a bit last night! lol.
    Good luck with Mr Motivator! Can't believe they've brought him back.

  7. sorry to read that you are not feeling well - hope you're up and running soon. take care, Judith

  8. Hi there,
    Thank you for adding me to your list and following my blog. I've been reading some of your posts and you sound just like me a few years ago! I did an OU EngLit degree a few years ago and disapline is the hardest thing. I dreammed of writing for years before getting into it. You'll get there. I hid my writing under the bed for years!! Hope you're feeling better, flu is miserable.

  9. Aw thankyou. It's starting to ease off now - but I'm sleeping all the time. weird.

    I took some lit classes last year and the year before and it was so hard. There is just so much to read! Well done on getting the degree! I'd never get anything done if I did an OU course. You must be super determined.

    Yeah, I don't have any room under my bed because of junk and mess- all my writing is in boxes and old files in cubourds. lol.

    I'm gonna have a sit down later (when my head clears) and read your short story.
    Talk soon