Thursday, 15 January 2009

Help and advice needed!

Ok. Brain wave - need help.
For my dissertation I'm doing a story about a girl who was 100% sure she was pregnant, but went to the doctor and was told she was not. She lives her life happily for a few months falls in love falls off the wagon and then drops a sprog in the middle of ASDA. I'm having problems with her voice. I've changed it from 1st person to 2nd person and back again but I can't seem to work out what is bugging me. So what do people think of mixing the two. I'm thinking slightly biased but ultimately omnipresent 2nd person narrator punctuated with entries from her BLOG so that I can develope her voice but also keep the narrator (a very sarky and biased voice) who knows more than her but doesn't let it all on. The other thought is - should I actually make a Blog for her? step into her character and really get into her head? and then include screen shots in the story..... or am I going too far for a 10,000 word story?
What do we think?
I would be greatful for any input.


  1. I like the idea of including her blog for her voice, would be cool if you did actually set up a blog for her~the interactive aspect would be cool

  2. Agree with char re the blog idea. Also love the idea of a sarcastic omnipresent narrator...

  3. I think the blog idea's a good one, but I would be wary (without seeing the story) of 1st and 2nd person together because there isn't that much contrast. 1st person and blog would work (but could again be very similar) as would the more traditional 1st and 3rd. Again, this is all without seeing the story - I'm only able to give you my opinion and there's no reason why 1st and 2nd wouldn't work.

    Hope that's helped, and not confused things!

    N x

  4. lol. no. thats great thanks! I've settled on just a blog voice. havn't got time to play about with other perspectives now :s.

    I havn't posted anymore of her because two post was all I needed to get her in my head. or get in her head. whatever - worked a treat. plus - if i publish it all on the internet I wont be able to do much with it.

    thanks again!