Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Cricket song ...

I'm currently sat on James' bed pretending to do some work while he sits at the computer fretting over his. I just read the brief of what he has to do and I have to say whoever wrote his course needs a good slap around the face. It seems like they keep moving the goal posts for him. The brief for this latest assingment is fine until about halfway down the page - where the 'reflective journal' he should write turns into a 'research paper'. Nothing is clear - not even the wordcount!

I feel so bad for him but I can't do anything to help him because I know nothing about Computer Games Development and Artificial Intelligence. What can I go?

And while all this is happening there is a box of crickets cirping in the corner which makes it sound like we are sat in the middle of the jungle trying to do our Uni work.


  1. I see your word count is going up on your dissertation - well done.

    I don't if you are into accepting blog awards but I have one for you on my site.

    Take care, Judith