Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Since everyone seems to be looking back at the past year I thought I would do the same. Although mine wont be as colourful or eventful as some I've read.

Dad was in hospital in Febuary this year and I was scared, I really was.
He recovered and I left for Holland at the beginning of March to go to Uni for a month in Maastricht. I was scared to leave them after what had happened but my Dad told me to go because I've never had an oportunity like that before, and I would be an idiot to let fear stop me. I had such an experience. I made some truly amazing friends and saw some very interesting and uplifting things.

The best part was that I booked an earlier flight to come home and surprised James. It felt so good to see him after a month. I didn't realised how much I would miss him.

I passed my second year of Uni, not terriblly well, but I passed and got into the third year - which is what counts.

I couldn't get a job over the summer becasue Mam had an operation and I had to care for her and Dad. I was soooooo poor. I borrowed money left right and centre and I'm still suffering for it.

I went with James and my brother to the british superbikes in Donington just before Uni started back and I enjoyed it more than I expected considering we were sat in a half-tent for most of it sheltering from the monsoon.

Uni started back and I'm feeling possitive but also healthily worried about my Dissertation.

Christmas has been strained and different. I don't think it will ever be the same again. But maybe it's changing into a new kind of christmas, I spent a lot of time with James and for the first time in 4 years I saw him on Christmas day.

I'm at home on New years eve, as you can see. I got invited out by my friend Zara and she nagged and nagged for me to go, but I just feel like theres nothing to celebrate - not yet. new year seems like a time of looking back. Zara kept saying 'i just want to celebrate and bring the new year in with you' but you don't know what it will be like. How can you pre-celebrate it? I'd rather have an amazing night a year from now and look back at 2009 and think about all the things I never thought I would have done, all the things I achieved.

So heres to the future - to getting a house - to getting a 1st class degree - to getting motivated - to being healthy and happy - to drinking less - to smiling more - and to stop worrying about the little things I can't change.

Happy New year all! Hope it's a good one for you.


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  1. You've certainly had a year of it but glad that you've pulled through despite everything. Now my girl don't spend too much time looking back the future is yours so go grab it but enjoy the present each moment that the day brings. lots of love Judith