Thursday, 18 December 2008

Domestic Goddess and her bendy cat ...

I have just made a batch of warm squidgy mince meat muffins. hmmmmm.
The entire house now smells like Christmas and for the first time I'm feeling ever so slightly festive. The only downside is that I put more than a generous slosh of brandy in the mix and I can't taste it. :(

I handed in my dreaded essay today and my less than perfect short story about Christmas. I changed it a lot once I had stopped crying, it's not the best, but it will do, it's only 5% of the grade so I don't mind so much.
I got to the HASS office and it was closed with a sign saying all assingments should be submitted in room D201. The 2 means it's on the second floor - I didn't even know there was a second floor. I got there in the end.

I thought I would include a pic of my flexible cat. She has been very strange lately.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one trying to write an assignment and finding other things to do instead!! love your cat :) my kitten, Karmen, is 11 weeks old and is gorgeous - Judith

  2. Haya! I'm always finding other things to thats why I'm never getting very good marks.

    Awwww...I'd love a little kitten but my boyfriend is illergic so i think lucky is the last i'll have :(
    How did you come up with the name Karmen? - very pretty.


  3. I wanted Tilly but my son, Karl, said it sounded very common and didn't want me shouting 'Here Tilly Tilly' out the back door so chose Karmen. I put the K in the front instead of C because my son's name is Karl with a K - I bet you wished you hadn't asked!! lol

  4. lol. Imagine me: shouting 'Lucky' at my flowers, very common.
    my brother is carl with a C. lol. he doesn't get a say with my pets tho.

    I'm getting a lizard - going to name her Dilly (crocodile skink - crocoDilly) don't think I'll have the back door problem tho. Lx