Tuesday, 16 December 2008

I havn't really got the hang of this blogging thing have I?

So much has happertained. I have completed my Myth and Narrative essay. yay.
Father is ok. I'm taking him to the hospital tomorrow to have a good old chin wag with a nurse about his heart, how splendid.

Today I am drained, I've been stressing for the last week about my timed assingment - a piece of writing about Christmas, of all things, about 1000 words, but he didn't seem too sure about that. I hate Christmas at the moment and I've been stressing because the example he gave us was 'a Child's Christmas in Wales' by Dylan Thomas. Like I could get anywhere near that! OMG!
Something has been rolling around in my head for a while. My cousin said 'Christmas is always hard for anyone who has lost someone'.
And today it hit me, I'm moaning about Chrismas and how I'm growing up and it's all crap and pointless. but what if mam and dad wern't here for me to moan at? What would christmas be like? It's one of my biggest fears - losing mam and dad.
It's in the second person at the mo which I've been messing about with for a while, but I'm not sure it reads well. The problem with second person is that you are telling the reader this will happen to them. It's quite a universal topic that may sit ok with most, but my lecturer is a little difficult to please to say the least and I have a horrible feeling he will rip it to shreds.

Also because of the topic I spent an hour writing 894 words through a distorted wall of tears. But I'm glad I wrote it because it obviously needed to happen, because I'm not so worried anymore.


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