Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Every time I hear a motorbike I jump and think 'is that him?' then I look out of the window and it's a shitty chav on some 125cc moped crap. I should really learn what his bike sounds like. I wont see him until next tuesday now.

I've avoided blogging over xmas. I havn't been at all Christmassy and I know that it would have just been a page full of moans and groans about how I've had too much to do and I've done no homework whatsoever.
So this week I'm aiming to do a lot of work and ignore all the festivities because I'd rather sacrifice one Christmas if it means getting a good degree in a few months. A FEW MONTHS! Where is time going?? Right now this entire thing seems to be running away from me and I want to do so well.

I'm going to look at my journals today. rewrite a poem and e-mail it to Philip Gross. I'm annoyed with myself that I'm not taking advantage of the opportunity to work with him. I've really not done as much as I wanted and I don't like myself, my lack of motivation and drive. I'm like a meandering disorganised dreamer.

Ok. This isn't getting the baby bathed.

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