Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Mushy brain.

As you can tell by the title I'm not exactly on top form. Woke up with a cold on Saturday and it was downhill from there. Nothing has got done bar my journals and I managed to write one story - badly. lol
Here is homer to illustrate how I feel my brain looks.

I had some excellent news today. Dilly was spotted lying next to Razer. How cute. It's love.
And I managed to nab a little pic of her hiding behind the water bowl.

I'd just like to say I'm really pleased to be part of Fiona Robyn's blog tour, I'll be posting an interview with her on the 8th March. And here you can find her blog Planting Words.

I have a essay to be getting on with ready for next week, so I'll cut this short.
I'ts been suggested by the BF's Mam that I should give up chocolate for lent. I say sod that. I can maybe strech to giving up ice-cream.



  1. Give up chocolate! Is the woman mad!! Sod that indeed. Feel better soon X.

  2. he he. i know! mental. thanks. :) Lx

  3. I'm with the crowd in the sod that camp.

    Take care.