Sunday, 1 March 2009

Good News Everyone.....

No, i've not invented some strange household object with an amusing name...... (futurama joke)

James passed his bike test!!!! WOOP WOOP!!

I'm so proud of him especially considering what happened the first time (nasty nasty moody examiner). Now he can ride his new bike (vfr 400) without worrying about getting nabbed by a bobby.

I'm still struggling with my critical essay and I'm very miffed that Jeremy Dronfield doesn't have a website or anything. I wanted to contact him and ask him questions and tell him how much I enjoyed his book and how much it has helped me with my own writing. But he will never know because he doesn't have a website with an email or anything!!!
I would write to the publisher and ask them to pass it on but the essay is due wednesday so there isn't really much point in rushing to do it now. I might just send him a nice letter later in the year - when the dissertation and various other stresses are over with.

Time is wizzing by as usual and I'm getting a bit worried about all the work I still have left to do. I'm writing speed is slow at best. :S
But, i'm determind to get it all done and do well .... so ner.



  1. Congratulations to James.

    You'll get all your work done, have faith in yourself. I find that a deadline's a great incentive.


  2. I'm with Suzanne. You've come this far so keep going x.

  3. aw thankyou both! i'm plodding on, about half way through now. :)

  4. congratulations to James and 'YOU' just keep going LOL Judith