Saturday, 7 March 2009

I have held the skink!

I'm so pleased. I had a go at holding Razer on thursday. He wiggled at first and had a bit of a squeek but he settled down after a while and I was stroking the spines on his back. So I'm hopeing he will get used to being handled. I'm also hopeing Dilly will follow his example and stop running away from me.

Work is going slow and I have to teach myself powerpoint so I can give a presentation on wednesday. I know powerpoint is not exactly the hight of complexity but I havn't used it sinse school so it's not going so well.

Fiona Robyn is coming to my blog tomorrow so I'm going to post it today because I've just bought a 12 pack of WKD and a bottle of ruby port - Cheeky V's all the way! So when I get up in the morning - it might not be morning anymore- it may be closer to late afternoon. But I haven't been out for WEEKS so I'm taking a day off.

Also, one last final thought. I think I am truely addicted to Lychee juice.

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  1. Have a lovely day off - its good to have a break and fun. take care, Judith