Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Why is life faster than me??

It really feels like the world is running away from me and I'm still stood at the crossroads looking pensive, pointing west and saying 'wouldn't it have been better to go that way?'

The application for the teacher training course has been submitted.
I'm so greatful to my lecturer for rushing my reference - he is fab.
The only thing now is - it's happening, the next thing is the interview (which I''m pooping myself about). I've got the finance forms sprawled out on my bed looking all wanting but they aint getting any tonight.

I have so much work to do my brain feels like its going to implode. I'm still plodding on with 'The Art of being dead' I'm not plodding because it's pants - far from it, I'm just burnt out by the time I get to reading in bed. I've got a critcal essay on 'The Alchemist's Apprentice' to write, a Dissertation to finish, about 5,000 words of short stories to do, a presentation to prepare, a poetry collection to finish and a boyfriend to keep happy.


I have a female Red-Eyed Crocodile skink! She was purchased sunday and arrived from KENT on tuesday morning in a box - she looked rather miffed to say the least. She is going to be Razor's girlfriend and they are going to fall in love and have babies and make me lots of money. Here is Razor:

Ain't he cute????

I'm going to type up my essay now.


  1. Well done with your application and best of luck with all that work you have to do.

    Razor is indeed cute. Love the name too.

  2. Thanks, I'm going to need it.

    The boyfriend named him. Rex was his first choice - I prefer rex, but never mind.


  3. hi hope all goes well with the interview - Judith

  4. Wow, good luck with it all! I thought my life was busy. And Razor is a cutie, love the eyes.

  5. Razor is a heartbreaker if ever I saw one. Who could resist him. Dood luck with all that work not to mention the interview.

  6. yes i know what you mean about the speed of life. Razor is beautiful, what wonderful eyes