Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Barren Land

Yeah, That garden didn't grow so well did it...?

2 years nearly. 2 years of silence.
2 years of only ever typing 140 characters,
or emails,
or heated comments on Facebook to other heated individuals where neither party has any hope of changing the mind of the other yet they continue to waste time and energy finding grammar errors in order to detract from each others arguments and make someone feel somehow lesser.

2 years of losing myself. of forgetting myself. of existing. shell like.

I've really lost all sense of who I am.

Work has carried on; I got a new job after the threat of redundancy and I am enjoying the new challenges and the new things I'm learning. But I'm tired. 2 kids at home and a husband who works 70 miles away is really taking it's toll. I can't stop working, largely due to the monumental cock up that is our finances. I need to work. But in amongst juggling school drop-offs, nursery, food shopping, cleaning a perpetually dirty house and sleeping I need to find myself again. These things are necessary but I'm drowning.

So, different journey - same destination.
Writing is therapy.
So let's write.....

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