Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Where's my Map?

Lost my way again.

Getting married and having a baby and moving house all in the space of a year has taken over my life, in a good way.
It's nice to have so many things over with in one go.
We can settle now and actually get on with living, growing, for a change.

I do feel I have lost something in gaining so much.
I think I lost it a while ago.

I've done several of these 'I'm going to get back into it' blog posts and then you haven't heard from me again for a long while. So I'm not sure if I should decide this time to be all determined and make rules for myself or be all casual and whsitle while sneaking past it in the hopes of tricking myself into writing again.

The latter seems to have been the method so far with little result..... so rules it is.

100 words a day.

Start small, plant seeds, grow trees.

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