Sunday, 2 January 2011

Hello Bloggy world.
This isn't your average new year 'lets get back to it' return to blogging.
I've been away for so long because my Dad passed away. He has been ill for a long time and he had been in hospital so many times we had lost count. Dad caught another chest infection and then contracted pneumonia. We sat there all night holding his hands, just waiting. It was all my nightmares come true in one night.
He passed in September and I'm only now coming to terms with it all. It still doesn't feel real.
Also my beautiful cat lucky died a week later. We buried Her and Dad on the same day. I think she couldn't live without him. I feel like I've lost my sister.
So I'm hoping that spilling my guts in minute chunks on here will help a little. (Just realised how gross that sounds but I'm going to run with it)

So, here's to 2011. It's got to be better than the last one.

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  1. I'm so sorry to read about both your sad losses. Thinking of you.