Wednesday, 6 May 2009

IIII'm Baaaaaaack!

Dissertation all handed in! Poetry all handed in!
Everything pretty much done - bar one presentation about The Mabinogion.
So, it's all change soon.
I got on a part time PGCE in Ystrad Mynach college so I can work alongside it.
I'm currently trying to organise my teaching hours for it and it seems to be going ok.
So I'm looking for a job over the summer - which may be very hard given our current economic status. but never mind.

So, now I have a bank of work from the past year I'm going to try and out it to good use and I hope that now I don't have the academic insentive to write - I hope I'll have my own motivation for a change. I hope.
anyway, it was just a quick update to say I'm back.
Also - i'm a proper gardener now - look at my nails! :O

Also - I made uber yorkshires!!

And our little skinks have been getting cosy.... :)

I'll write something far more structured and interesting soon.
love to all.


  1. Well done you! Yes they are proper gardeners nails! You should see mine sometimes lol. And the skinks look very happy.

  2. i'm hoping they'll get jiggy with it soon and make me some babies!!! :) he he

  3. Welcome back!! those Yorkshires look yummy!